Galen Watson                    
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A medieval prayer book, an Irish saint's prophecy of the last pope, and a forgery that changed the church—forever.

Father Romano has run afoul of the modern inquisitors before. This time, it leads to a medieval manuscript and murder. Was it an ordinary theft gone wrong or something more? The Carabinieri in Rome would like to know.

Michael Romano is an American priest working in the Vatican's Secret Archives with a penchant for stepping over the line. Church Inquisitors have noticed -- and they aren’t happy. Nevertheless, Romano is also the Church’s senior paleographer, an expert in ancient manuscripts, and his expertise is needed to examine a ninth-century codex known as a Psalter.

Father Romano’s examination leads him into the past as he uncovers an historical narrative of medieval forgeries, Saracen invasions and a legendary fight for the richest kingdom on earth. Yet he has unwittingly become a target for
those who will stop at nothing to possess the secret of the Psalter.

“Excellent thriller with historical parallels. Mr. Watson has written an exciting thriller set in the modern Vatican, with a colorful parallel story running in the past.” –Patricia Frances Rowell, Novelist


“Exceptionally meticulous research and skillfully crafted details built around a great story made for a wonderful read. I highly recommend the Psalter.” --Professor Bob Amazon Book Review


“It's a thriller that escalates in both story lines to an unexpected finish. It's fiction, but well-researched and plausible beneath the story-telling surface. Definitely recommended.” –A Dubious Disciple Book Review


“Damn Entertaining! What a fun read! Like Dan Brown, but smarter.” –Mr. Critic Amazon Book Review




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